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Advantages of Arthroscopy

Some of the probems associated with joints are treated consevatively, but some conditions needs to be treated surgically. Both open surgery or minimal invasive surgery can the used for the treatment. However, minimal invasive surgery is trending among the doctors as it gives faster recovery period for the patients. Arthroscopy is minimally invasive surgical method, practised now-a-days very successfully. Most of the surgeons prefer this kind of surgical method in most of the patients.

Arthroscopy is also a diagnostic method to detect problems in the internal regions of the joints.This procedure is carried out with the help of a tiny camera called the arthroscope which enables the visualisation of the internal regions ,as it is connected to a monitor or screen. This procedure is also known as button- hole surgery or key-hole surgery.

In arthroscopic surgeries unlike open surgery ,the scars are very small and thus the recovery is also fast. The surgery can be performed as an out-patient case. Therefore the cost of hospitalization can be cut down. The surgery usually takes only one to two hours of time , so there are less requirement of care takers with the patient. The surgery as it provides faster recovery , the method has also became popular among the patients and also among the athelets. The complication associated with the surgery is negligible as compared to traditional open surgery methods.There are less chance of blood loss and other surgery associated risks, though risks with any surgery are common.Since the wound after the surgery is very small the risk of infection at the site of operation is minimal.The patients experience less pain following the surgery and healing of the wound is faster.

Arthroscopic surgery can be used for the treatment of any joint related issues such as knee joints, hip joints, shoulder, ankle , elbow and wrist joints.After the knee arthroscopy ,one can expect a relief from chronic pain of knee joints. The knees can experience a natural motion. One can carry out their routine activities like walking with much ease. Hip arthroscopy is helps in the recovery from various hip conditions also such as Femoral acetabular impingement (FAI) and associated labral tears and cartilage abnormalities. Elbow arthroscopy is also commonly used in the treatment of conditions such as the loose bodies and bone spurs in the elbow joint, osteochondritis dissecans and tennis elbow. Though arthroscopic treatment of tennis elbow are only performed by certain doctors.

Shoulder arthroscopy has the advantage of recovery from shoulder conditions also such as rotator cuff tear, impingement syndrome, frozen shoulder and shoulder instability which gives chronic pain to the shoulders when moving the shoulders or doing activities involving shoulder movement and also sleeping by a side. All these shoulder conditions can be overcome by the minimally invasive surgery. Similarly, ankle arthroscopy can treat ankle conditions such as impingement syndrome or athlete’s ankle or footballer’s ankle and ankle instability. Athletes are most benefited by this arthroscopic surgery as they can return to their active sport within less time as the recovery following the arthroscopic surgery is faster.