Date : 01-11-2017

 What is Sports Medicine? Sports medicine, a branch of medicine, helps in improving the athletic performanceInjury RecoveryFuture injury prevention What can sports medicine doctors do? It is one of the fastest growing healthcare field compressing the medical professionals who are specialized in sports medicine. They are capable of helping all people and not just athlete alone.     Benefits of Sports Medicine Fast Recovery A sports medicine specialist can help for fast

Date : 07-12-2017

Minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS) is a kind of surgery which involves tiny incisions, least manipulation of the muscles and avoids damaging tissues that surround the spine. MISS takes shorter operative time, less post-operative pain and gives faster recovery. MISS stabilizes the vertebral bones and spinal joints and also reduces the pressure applied to the spinal nerves. What is the difference between open and minimally invasive spine surgery? Open spine surgery involves longer incisio

Date : 07-03-2018

Physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy, is done by one of the allied health professions, physiotherapists using Exercises, Superficial Heat, Ice application, Traction, Joint Mobilization, Electrical Stimulation and TENS, Lasers and LED lights to regain early mobility and function. Role of a Physiotherapist The Physiotherapist assists the patient in the movement restoration. His tasks include the following: Muscle strength evaluation and quantification. To maintain and increase joi

Back to Life with Spine Surgery

Spine or vertebral column is a line of bones extending from the skull which encloses the spinal cord, provides stability and support to the body. Sometimes, dislocations of the spine, degenerative disorders and fractures of the spine may lead to severe back pain that requires emergency medical care or surgery. For surgical procedures both open surgery or minimally invasive surgery can be used, but a minimally invasive surgical procedure have more advantages over open surgeries because of that it is more trending among doctors[...]

Joint Replacement Surgery ??? Augmenting Mobility

Till a decade ago, joint pain was a thing for the old age or at least the latter half of middle age. Now the changes in lifestyle has made its presence known even among the younger generation. A joint is the area of body where two bones are joined, like at hips, elbows, knees, ankles and shoulder. A joint replacement surgery replaces the troubled joint with a prosthesis. In some cases, the whole joint is replaced and in some, replacement is done just for the damaged part. […]

Hip Replacement Surgery Jaipur

Do you have Hip Pain??? Hip Joint Replacement is a Surgical Procedure to Remove Damaged Joint and Replace with Artificial joints made with Metal or other Plastic Components.   Hip replacement surgery Involves Firstly,given general anesthesia to relax your muscles. Make a surgical cut to open up hip joint. By cutting the thighbone,remove the ball […]

Knee Arthroscopic Surgery in Jaipur

Are you Living with knee Pain? Knee pain caused by due to injuries or conditions such as arthritis. The treatments for Knee Pain varies depends on the complexity of pain. Orthopedic Surgeons usually provides Knee Arthroscopic treatments based on evaluating the patients and suggest appropriate treatment methods.     Arthroscopy is a one of the […]

Best Orthopedic Clinic in Rajasthan

Today every one came across with all kinds of pain in day to day life. So you need help of a joint specialist for treating all kinds of Joint Pain.   Joint care clinic in Jaipur offers you best pain treatments for all kinds of joint pain. Dr. S.S Soni is the best Knee Replacement […]

Knee Pain Treatment in Jaipur

It is very necessary to have knee pain properly diagnosed before treatment plan is suggested. A good Orthopedic Doctor will order a Knee MRI to find accurate diagnosis. There are injections also available to reduce pain. It is very important to have Knee Pain properly diagnosed before a treatment plan is suggested by you. A […]

Best Orthopedic Specialist in Rajasthan

Orthopedics is the branch that concerned with muscles and skeletal systems. Orthopaedic doctors use both surgical and nonsurgical measures to treat injuries, tumors and other disorders that affect muscles and bones. Orthopedic issues can affect all kinds of people. There are several treatment options available for patients. To select a best treatment is necessary for […]

Medical Tourism In Jaipur

Have you ever visited Jaipur -the “Pink city”? Jaipur is known as pink city. As it name implies, all the constructions – palaces, temples, monuments etc are made of pink color, it has a significance in jaipur history. The Whole city is painted in pink color, as pink color denotes the “hospitality”. Thousands of people […]

Arthritis Treatment in Jaipur

If you feel pain and stiffness in your body or have trouble moving around,you might have arthritis.Arthritis is the inflammation of one or more joints.Arthritis suffers for men and women, children and adults. Symptoms of Arthritis Joint pain Swelling Stiffness Aching Redness Decreased range of motion Types of Arthritis There are mainly two types of […]

Knee Replacement Surgery Jaipur

Knee Replacement is a Surgical Procedure by Replacing Diseased Knee Joints with Artificial Material. However, when injury or arthritis occurs, particularly osteoarthritis, your ability to bend and flex your knees can become restricted due to damage, inflammation and pain.Hence, the damage progresses and life becomes more difficult and painful. Knee replacement surgery is a common […]

Arthritis Treatment Jaipur

Arthritis is inflammation of one or more joints.Arthritis sufferers include men and women, children and adults.Arthritis treatment focuses on relieving symptoms and improving joint function. Arthritis Symptoms Inability to use the hand or walk Stiffness Malaise and fatigue Weight loss Poor sleep Muscle aches and pains Tenderness Difficulty moving the joint Muscle weakness Loss of […]

Joint Replacement Surgery in Jaipur

Do you Have Back Pain??If Your Hip Pain,Shoulder Pain,Knee Pain,Hand Pain??? is Stopping you from Doing the Activities You Enjoy,We Can Help.Joint REplacements is best option for you. 1.Hip Replacement Surgery Joint care offers best Hip Replacement Surgery in Jaipur at affordable cost.Dr.S.S.Soni is hip replacement surgeon in Jaipur. 2.Knee Replacement Surgery Dr.S.S.Soni offers best […]