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Joint-Care is a Super-Specialty Clinic established in Jan 2009 to resolve the problems associated with various joints our our body. The Joint Care clinic is one of the best orthopedic clinic in Jaipur. Dr. S.S.Soni is a most renowned orthopedic doctor in Jaipur, who specializes in joint replacement and arthroscopy. Some of the specialities of the clinic are joint replacement, arthroscopy and spine surgery. Joint Care clinic is a great place to consult Dr.S.S.Soni and get treated. Dr.S.S.Soni is also associated with Santokba Durlabhji Memorial hospital (SDMH), biggest private hospital in north-west India, as Joint Replacement and Arthroscopy Surgeon. He is performing all kind of joint surgeries in SDMH with best nursing care available in hospital. Therefore all the patients of Dr. S.S.Soni can avail different facilities of the SDMH.

Orthopaedic department

The Orthopaedics Department of SDMH was started in 1971. Different joint replacement and arthroscopic surgeries are carried out here. All the patients of Dr.S.S.Soni can be treated here. The hospital has good facilities for surgery with high quality equipment. All procedures ranging from hip replacement and knee replacement can be carried out here under your preferred doctor Dr.S.S.Soni. There are good facilities in the hospital to carry out below listed procedures.


1.Trauma treatment and Surgery

2.Total Hip and Knee Replacement

3.Arthroscopy and advanced Arthroscopic Surgery

4.Paediatric orthopedic surgery

5.Ilizarov Fixation

6.Polio Surgery

7.Spinal Surgeries

8.Correction of Congenital deformities.

9.DHS and DCS Fixation

Operation theatre and wards

The hospital has a bed strength of 551 beds with 25 specialities, and also have many wards, Operation theaters, ICUs, laboratories, utility services, specialties and super specialties.

Radiology department

The hospital is well equipped radiology department All the diagnostic procedures needed for the orthopaedic department to confirm a disorder ,can be conducted here.


Some of the facilities available are the following.

1.X- Ray

2.Ultrasound and color Doppler


4.3-D & 4-D ultrasound

5.Interventional radiology

Physiotherapy department

The hospital has a very good physiotherapy department. As Dr.S.S.Soni believes in non-conservative treatments , he suggests his patients to have a good physiotherapy so that the need for the surgery can be postponed or ruled out. However, some patients can only be treated surgically. It is very important for every patients to undergo physiotherapy post-operation to regain the mobility of the affected joints and also for faster recovery. This mission can be accomplished by availing the facilities of the physiotherapy department of SDMH.

Facilities include:

•joint replacement

•Mobilization/ Manipulation of joints

•Pain Management

•Spinal Cord injuries

•Therapeutic Modalities

a)SWD (Short Wave Diathermy) b)US (Ultrasound therapy) c)I.F.T.



f)Traction (Cervical) g)Wax Bath


i)Infra Red j)Suspension k)Tilt Table

l)Gait training equipments

Apart from these, Sensory Facilitation Equipment like treadmill, cycle and Exercise Ball’s are also available.

Rehabilitation & Limb Fitting Centre

The hospital also has a rehabilitation & limb fitting centre which the patients suffering from severe fractures or other orthopaedic disorders can avail. All types of upper and lower limb prosthetic and orthotic services can be availed from here.