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  • What can happen if arthroplasty or arthroscopy is avoided?
    If a patient avoid arthroplast (replacement surgery) or arthroscopic surgeries of the joint, his condition worsens with time.There Would be severe chronic pain, loss of mobility, joint weakness, numbness and it might also lead to the early onset of arthritic conditions.
  • Can my joint pain be treated non-surgically?
    Initially most of the doctors prefer non-surgical options for patients suffering from various joint disorders. In certain cases,patients find relief from non-surgical methods . But in some patients,the non-surgical methods fail to bring better results .Those Patients are reccomended for surgical options.
  • What are the available non-surgical treatement methods for patients suffering from joint problems?
    Non-surgical treatments avalable are the pain medications consisting of both analgesics and antibiotics to get relief from the pain or swelling.certain injections are also given. Besides these certain physical therapy exercises are also prescribed.
  • What is physiotherapy?
    Physiotherapy or physical therapy includes both exercise and functional training. Exercise helps in the restoration of motion and strength while functional training helps the patients to return to their daily activities such as work or sports.
  • Would physical therapy be required after surgery?
    Yes, physical therapy programs help the paients who had undergone various joint replacement and arthroscopic surgeries. Physical therapy helps patients in regain the full range of motion and flexibility of the affected region. It helps to avoid joint stiffness and encourages musclestrengthening , maximizing the results of the surgery.
  • Which age group of patients can have the replacement surgeries?
    Doctor decides whether a patient is the right candidate for replacement surgery after considering various factors. Generally the is no age limit for having replacement surgery done , if the patient is healthy. Younger patients can have their replacement done as per doctors advice , as it helps them to have an active life also the results are very good.
  • If my implants to various joints such as knee, hip,shoulder, elbow ,ankle or wrist fails, can it be replaced?
    Yes, revision replacement surgeries are found to be very successful. After the average life span of the various implants , a revision surgery can be done, and the patients have found it very comfortable. Surgery and recovery is similar to initial replacement surgeries.
  • What should be applied on the injury – ice or heat ?
    Ice can be used on the affected joint in intital stage of the injury that is within 24-48 hours . This helps in the reduction of inflammation as ice decreases the bood flow to the affected region. Heat applied in the intial stages elevates the condition. However moist heat after the first 72 hours when appilied to the injured area help in the pain reduction.
  • When can i shower making the incision wet?
    Apatient can shower after 3 days of operation, but care should be taken not the wet the incision directly. The patients are advised not to immerse themselves in the bath tub or swimming pool until 21 days.
  • Do i need to quit smoking after surgery?
    According to some of the research studies, tobacco and nicotine have shown to increase the risk of bone fractures and they alsso believed to have a significant roll in interferring with the healing process. Quittingsmoking seems to have improve the healing process and better results in most cases.