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For International Patients

Apart from the Joint Care Clinic, Dr S S Soni is serving Santokba Durlabhji Memorial hospital (SDMH), biggest private hospital in north-west India, as Joint Replacement and Arthroscopy Surgeon. He is performing all kind of joint surgeries in SDMH with best nursing care available in hospital. All his patients receive the highest level of care and guidance from him.

Santokba Durlabhji Memorial hospital (SDMH),has all the facilities to provide a comprehensive range of treatment for patients undergoing orthopaedic surgery.the hospital is equipped with high quality equipment is used for all procedures ranging from hip replacement and knee replacement to all kinds of orthopaedic surgery.

Medical tourism in india gained wide acceptance due to many favourable reasons. Some of them are the skilled surgeons, infrastructure, low cost, pleasant stay at the hospitals. India is known for its high standards in orthopaedics.


Foreign nationals seeking medical in the country are granted m-visa. The patients and the attendants are supposed to get themselves registered mandatorily within a period of 14 days of arrival with the concerned FRROs/ FROs. MX visa or miscellaneous visa is granted to the attendant either spouse or someone have blood relations with the patient.

Validity of visa is upto a period of one year or the period of treatment whichever less. However the validity can be extended on the production of medical certificate.


➢Fill in the first form. This would gives us the knowledge of your medicalm condition and your treatment requirements.this can be done online or through fax.

➢You receive a communication from our team regarding your query.

➢You confirm and accept the hospital policy ,once you are satisfied.

➢We fix an appointment with the doctor as per your required date.

➢You pay an advance

➢You reach the hospital in India

➢Consult the doctor

➢Get treated

➢Make balance payment

➢Fly back to home


● Immediate admission

International and the N.R.I.s are given special preference. These patients enjoy the freedom of immediate admission, as there are no wait lists. The hospital ensures hassle free hospitalization for all international patients. The hospital ensures faster consultation with the specialist exclusively for foreign nationals. Diagnostic procedures are carried out on priority basis and treatment is commenced as soon as possible.

Travel, accommodation and rejuvenation of the foreign nationals and their families are well taken care of in india.

● Highly skilled surgeons

Most of the surgeons are highly skilled and well trained from India and abroad. Dr. S.S.Soni , the is most renowned orthopedic surgeon in jaipur, who specializes in joint replacement and arthroscopy is also trained in the Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, USA and also did his Super-speciality course from Ninewells hospital and Medical College, United kingdom. Such highly qualified doctors in India make it a very good destination to seek medical help. Apart from doctors , both the paramedical and nursing staff are also trained to world class standards.

● Economic advantages

There are huge economic advantages as far as for the international patients are considered. Procedures such as hip and knee replacement and other high cost joint replacement surgeries are more affordable in India. The cost of travelling and accommodation is also comparatively low and are affordable to many patients.

● Technical advancements

Utilization of the latest scientific-based medicine and technical advances in surgery and world class infrastructure is also one of the reasons for the trust in Indian medical sector.

● No Language barrier

Language barrier is not a problem in india. Most of the foreigners are able to communicate freely to their doctors as the doctors are fluent in English . As english has emerged as a widely spoken language in India , foreign nationals have ease of communication not only with the staffs but also with the native people.

● Holiday

After the required treatment or surgery , people can relax in india, as there are many tourist places widespread in the country. The patients and the relatives can also try various treatments such as ayurveda, unani, acupuncture and homeopathy . People can spend their recovery period following a surgery doing meditations or yogas.