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Knee Arthroscopic Surgery in Jaipur

Are you Living with knee Pain? Knee pain caused by due to injuries or conditions such as arthritis. The treatments for Knee Pain varies depends on the complexity of pain.

Orthopedic Surgeons usually provides Knee Arthroscopic treatments based on evaluating the patients and suggest appropriate treatment methods.



Arthroscopy is a one of the best method to find out problems in the knee Joint.Knee  Arthroscopic Surgeries is a surgical procedure that evaluates the problems in the knee Joint. Camera are inserted through the infected part and small surgical tools also placed in this treatment procedure. The visualisation of the internal part of knee seen through a monitor or screen that are connected. This method is also called key-hole surgery or button-hole surgery.

Knee arthroscopy is used in evaluating and treating following main problems.

  1. Torn floating cartilage
  2. Torn surface cartilage
  3. Removal of cysts and loose bodies.
  4. washout of infected knees
  5. reconstruction of anterior cruciate ligament3776W

Knee arthroscopy prefer to you if you have symptoms such as swelling, locking, catching or continous severe pain to a particular portion of the knee. Knee ligament reconstruction can be performed using arthroscopic methods.

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