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Our clinic is one of the best orthopedic clinic in Jaipur. Dr. S.S.Soni is a most renowned orthopedic surgeon in Jaipur, who specializes in joint replacement and arthroscopy. Some of the specialities of the clinic are joint replacement, arthroscopy and spine surgery.

Joint replacement surgery/Arthroplasty

Joint replacement surgery is the best solution for the patients who have tried different alternative methods of relief from joint pains.The surgery involves the surgical replacement of a joint with a prosthesis. joint replacement surgeries of knee, hip, shoulder, elbow and ankle are commonly carried out, as it ensures pain relief and restores the ease of mobility, thus making the patient feel a lot better.

Knee replacement surgery

The surgery involves the replacement of the damaged , diseased or distorted joint surfaces of the knee, with a prosthesis. As per the condition of the patient’s knees, the surgery can be performed as a partial knee replacement surgery or the total knee replacement surgery.

Hip replacement surgery

This surgery has also been carried out in joint care clinic. In this surgery also , the diseased or damaged parts of hip joints are removed, and are then replaced with an artifical one.

Shoulder replacement surgery

In this surgery the damaged upper end of the arm bone humerus ( ball) and the shoulder bone socket namely glenoid (socket) are replaced with a prosthesis. This method is usually recommended for patients suffering from severe shoulder arthritis whose joint functionality is restricted due to acute pain.

Elbow replacement surgery

The damaged tissues and parts of the arm bones namely the humerus and the ulna are replaced with a prosthesis. Patients suffering from severe rheumatoid arthritis (RA) are usually recommended this arthroplasty.

Ankle replacement surgery

This surgery is usually performed in patients suffering from arthritis in ankle. In this procedure the affected region of lower end of the shin bone called the tibia and the upper portion of the leg bone called the talus are replaced with an artificial implant.

Wrist replacement surgery

This surgery is usually performed in patients suffering from arthritis in wrists. In this procedure ,the wrist joint is replaced with an artificial implant.


Some of the problems associated with joints are treated conservatively, but some conditions needs to be treated surgically. Arthroscopic surgeries are trending among the doctors. Arthroscopy is also a diagnostic method to detect problems in the internal regions of the joints. This procedure is carried out with the help of a tiny camera called the arthroscope which enables the visualisation of the internal regions ,as it is connected to a monitor or screen. This procedure is also known as button-hole surgery or key-hole surgery. Different joints are subjected to arthroscopic surgery.

knee arthroscopy

When there are problems related to knee such as torn or damaged cartilages , knee cap displacement and inflamed synovium lining of the knee joint, knee arthroscopy can be considered. Other knee conditions include the ACL or PCL tears.

Hip arthroscopy

It is currently used in the treatment of hip conditions such as Femoral acetabular impingement (FAI) and associated labral tears and cartilage abnormalities.

Shoulder arthroscopy

This being used in the treatment of shoulder conditions also such as rotator cuff tear, impingement syndrome, frozen shoulder and shoulder instability.

Ankle arthroscopy

Currently used in the treatment of ankle conditions such as impingement syndrome and ankle instability.

Elbow arthroscopy

This used in the treatment of conditions such as the loose bodies and bone spurs in the elbow joint, osteochondritis dissecans and tennis elbow.

Wrist arthroscopy

These are also carried out for problems associated with wrist.


Degenerative disorders, fractures and dislocations of the discs of the spine between the upper and the lower ends, any kind of deformity or infection to the spine ,all lead to chronic back pains leading to the requirement of treatment . Some of the problems associated with spine are treated conservatively, but some conditions needs to be treated surgically.

Minimally invasive spine fusion surgery

Spinal fusion has been performed as minimally invasive spine surgery. The procedure is carried out by making only small incisions as compared to the traditional methods. The method utilizes advanced fluoroscopy and endoscopy that enables the accuracy and minimizes the risks.

Lumbar Disk Replacement

When the shock absorbers between the vertebrae the nucleus pulposus are damaged, they put strain on the surrounding collagen tissue and this eventually leads to the degeneration of the discs,which in turn causes back pain. Lumbar disk replacement surgeries are helpful in such cases.