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Wrist Arthroscopy

The intra-articular pathology of the wrist can be studied using a minimally invasive surgery method called the arthroscopy. Wrist arthroscopy is a process in which problems in the internal regions of the wrist is diagnosed for damage and treated.This procedure is carried out with the help of a tiny fiber-optic camera called the arthroscope which enables the visualisation of the internal regions,as it is connected to a monitor or screen. wrist arthroscopy is currently used in the treatment of wrist conditions such as the chronic pain in the wrist, fractures of the wrist, ganglion cysts, and ligament or the triangular fibrocartilage complex tears.

Chronic wrist pain- The cause of the chronic wrist pain can be diagnosed arthroscopically. Conditions such as the inflammation or the cartilage damage caused due to wrist injury can be treated arthroscopically.

Wrist fractures- Following a wrist injury, some small fragments of the wrist bone remain within the wrist joint, which needs to be removed. This can be accomplished by a wrist arthroscopy.

Ganglion cysts- Sometimes between the two wrist bones from a stalk ,there arise the ganglion cysts. To get cured from this condition a surgeon diagnose the condition using arthroscope and then treats the cysts by removing the stalk arthroscopically.

Ligament/TFCC tears- The Ligaments ,the connective tissue and the triangular fibrocartilage complex (TFCC) ,the cartilage structure that cushions the wrist can sometimes get damaged. A fall or any other injury can tear ligaments, the TFCC, or both. resulting in wrist pain , restriction in the wrist movement or a clicking sensation. This condition is treated successfully using arthroscopic surgery,during which the surgeon repairs the tears to the ligaments or TFCC.

Carpal tunnel release- The condition is usually characterized by numbness or tingling in the hand. There occurs pain in the arm and can also cause swelling of the tissue covering the tendons. This condition is also treated arthroscopically when non-surgical methods fail to give good results.


Wrist arthroscopy is an minimally invasive surgery which utilizes a tiny camera called the arthroscope which enables the visualisation of the internal regions ,as it is connected to a monitor or screen.Wrist arthroscopy is usually performed under general or regional anesthesia. During this procedure, the surgeon makes different portals carefully at different regions of the wrist joint through which the wrist joint is

accessed.Care is taken not to damage or to minimize the damage that might be caused to nerves,blood vessels or tendons surrounding the wrist joint.Through these portals, camera and other surgical instruments are inserted.Then the loose pieces of bone, torn ligaments or ganglion cysts are removed from the joint using the instruments such as burrs that are inserted through the portals.Once the procedure is completed , the incisions are stitched together and dressed.


The operation usually takes 1-2 hours.Hospitalization is generally not required for this operation.Most patients return to their usually activity within two weeks with the help of physiotherapy. However activities involving lifting heavy things are prohibited until full recovery. Patients are advised to keep the wrist elevated for few days and ice packs are used to get relief from the pain post operation.