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Medical Tourism In Jaipur

Have you ever visited Jaipur -the “Pink city”?

Jaipur is known as pink city. As it name implies, all the constructions – palaces, temples, monuments etc are made of pink color, it has a significance in jaipur history. The Whole city is painted in pink color, as pink color denotes the “hospitality”.

jointreplacement in jaipur

Thousands of people visit jaipur for Medical Tourism

Jaipur is renowned in world for its hospitality given to its guests. The reduced cost for treatments and availability of highly experienced doctors along with high quality medical equipments are the key benefit of medical tourism in jaipur. And customer satisfaction is also a factor for increase in medical tourism in jaipur. And foreigners can enjoy the beauty of this “Pink city” along with their medical trip. There are so any important places for a travel- famous palaces and temples which represents the proud of Mughal architecture.

And the “Jaipur Foots“- the artificial foot that are highly efficient to walk with and available at affordable cost.


Dr.S.S.Soni is the first surgeon to perform a custom-made knee replacement, unicondylar knee Replacement and the Patient Specific Instrumentation (PSI) Knee Replacement in Rajasthan. He is expertized in joint replacement and arthroscopy.

Why Joint Care for Orthopedic Treatments ?

  • JointCare is highly well equipped with modern technologies
  • Language is not a barrier in this hospital
  • highest level of care and guidance for patients.
  • medica visa is granted for foreign patients
  • no wait list for admissions- immediate admissions are provided
  • low cost surgeries with highly efficient and experienced doctors.
  • jaipur have so many holiday spots, so everyone can enjoy their recovery period.

Joint Care is the best for providing patient centric care by including non surgical measures prior to surgical treatments. If non-surgical measures are not suits the patient’s condition, he goes for surgical treatments. Joint Care also Provide treatments for all types of Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. As Dr.Soni specialized in arthroscopy, he gives the best arthroscopic and joint replacement treatments at affordable cost also.