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Joint Replacement Surgery – Augmenting Mobility

Till a decade ago, joint pain was a thing for the old age or at least the latter half of middle age. Now the changes in lifestyle has made its presence known even among the younger generation. A joint is the area of body where two bones are joined, like at hips, elbows, knees, ankles and shoulder. A joint replacement surgery replaces the troubled joint with a prosthesis. In some cases, the whole joint is replaced and in some, replacement is done just for the damaged part.


A prosthesis or joint replacement has a life span of about 10 to 15 years. Joint replacement surgery is becoming common nowadays. It is mainly done for knees, shoulder, hip, ankle and wrist. In addition to age, factors affecting the disorder of joints are arthritis, injuries from accident, weak bones and so on. Damages and diseases to joints reduce the blood flow into them leading to an aggravation in their issue.

A joint replacement surgery helps in improving the mobility of the patient and provides pain relief thereby improving the overall quality of life. The new joints, termed as prosthesis are made from metals, ceramics or plastic. They are attached to the joints and fixed to it. In the case of the older generation, they are cemented in place and in the younger they are not cemented to allow the bone to grow into them and mould them in place

Under the expertise of Dr. SS Soni, renowned orthopaedic surgeon, Joint Care offers quality treatment in joint replacement and arthroscopy. His philosophy is based on patient oriented care including non-operative treatment before resorting to surgical intervention. Dr. SS Soni was the first to conduct a joint replacement surgery in Jaipur and has introduced a new trend of minimally invasive surgeries

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